Levante EMV – Horta Viva receives an award

Levante EMV – Horta Viva report

Levante EMV – Article about guided tours in Bujassot

L’Informatiu – Horta Viva report

Magazine Descobrir – Horchata report

Valencia Plaza (web) – Report about la huerta

Levante EMV – Report about the tour “L’Horta de València”


Interview in RNE – Radio 5

Horta Viva in S. XXI  RNE – Radio 3

Interview with Horta Viva in Bon Matí – Ràdio 9

Radio Nantes (Francia) – Interview with Horta Viva


Ruta de la horchata en Las Provincias

Canal 9 – En Connexió

Canal 9 – Noticies 9

Levante TV – Interview with Horta Viva in “La Mar Salà”

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