About Horta Viva

HORTA VIVA is a project created out of admiration for a territory, Horta de Valencia, which is to add value to its environmental qualities, cultural, social and gastronomic.

horta viva horta viva horta viva
horta viva horta viva horta viva


– We organize guided tours designed both for tourism and for education.

– We do thematic workshops related to the “huerta”.

– We have created guiahortanord.hortaviva.net.

– We have our own organic garden. Nothing better than working the garden to learn it well. www.hortdelperot.com

– We offer the possibility of live experiences, customized for small groups, live the experiential tourism!

– In general we can provide any service related to culture, education and tourism that are performed within the territory they know best, the Horta of Valencia.


– We work mainly in Horta de Valencia, with a main theme: the culture, history, gastonomy, agriculture and population of this place.

– Our goal is to provide specialized travel services, adapting to customer needs and preferences, provided that the activity is performed in possession of our scope.

– We created our own routes, but anytime we can create new ones if you so request.

– To develop our activities we have a multidisciplinary team of specialized guides, suitably trained to carry out a thorough interpretation of the terrain and mastering several languages.

– In our tours have a guide for 20/25 people maximum, so it is accessible to all participants and the impact on the way is possible.

– We do not like prey. We believe that good things are made more simple and calm, in detail. If we do not ask our paths will never end a fixed time.

–  Horta Viva is to present a territory with respect to local culture and a vivid perspective. We believe that the market garden does not belong only to the past, is not subject to the museum, but is very much alive and part of our present and through their knowledge is valued and fostered had a decent future.

– To the extent that players may try to make local actors, who should benefit from this new developing district fully supports and enhances the traditional activities of the “Huerta of Valencia”.