Making Horchata

The horchata of tiger nut is a highly refreshing drink, natural, organoleptic properties of flavor and texture that make it very tasty, and also very healthy and nutritious.

The only drawback is that to be saved must undergo processes that make you lose your qualifications. What can we do? Or buy it on Horchata shop where they serve fresh or make ourselves at home.

In Horta Viva Horchata Workshop we teach you how to make horchata with household utensils and also gave you a bag of 250g groundnuts with the recipe for 1l. horchata at home.

We can move the workshop where do you propose or do it in Horchatería “ Sequer Lo Blanch ” where we program it regulary.


Duration: 1 hour.
Equipment needed: a table. A plug.
Age: From 6 years.
Price: From 5€.