Irrigation bike tour

Bike tour by the river Turia

Bike tour to know the different sections of the river Turia from its detour to avoid the frequent flooding in Valencia city. We will also know the architectural elements of the irrigation system in the Huerta of Valencia.

The tour covers 13km to change the urban environment by natural.

Foto web ruta de l'aigua en bici

Departure and arrival: Valencia.
Duration: 3-4 hours. 26km. Round tour.
Difficulty: Medium-High.
Land: Track bike undeveloped. Undeveloped land. Riverbed.


– GROUPS: If you have a group of 10 people or more, we can arrange the tour from Monday to Sunday depending on your preferences. Contact us at +34 691 093 721 or at

– INDIVIDUALS: Sometimes we organize this tour for individuals, the best way to know when it is done is leave your e-mail on our mailing list, you will find how to do this at the contact area.