Visit to Marjal del Moro

The Marjal del Moro or Moors are a wetland located between the towns of Puçol and Sagunto. It is a protected area SPA, Special Protection Areas for birds listed by the European Union as natural areas of unique importance for the conservation of endangered birds.

In The Moro Marsh are many species of birds that can be seen without being shocked to thank protection systems and monitoring infrastructure installed in recent years.

The route may have several starting points, wooden crosses paths that take us from the beach to the interior.


Departure and arrival: The Marsh of Moro from the end of the Puçol beach.
Meeting point: At the north end of Puçol’s beach. (L’estany restaurant)
39º36′ 57.34″N 0º15’51.47″W.
Duration: 3-4 hours.


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