Hiking in the Valencian mountains


The region of Valencia has a wide variety of mountain scenery. With our hiking trails you will can discover the most surprising and unknown places with the company of an expert guide in geography and environment.

Ecorutes Horta Viva
Here you can see a list of some of our routes:

·     LES USERES – RUTA DE LA PENYA ROJA: Refugees and abandoned villages
Les Useres                                  Difficulty: Medium- Low

·     VALL DE LAGUAR: The cathedral of trekking
Fleix – Benimaurell                    Difficulty: Medium- High

·    SOT DE CHERA: Water, land & sky
Sot de Chera                                 Difficulty: Low

·    EL PARQUE GEOLÓGICO DE CHERA: Cave stalactites and waterfalls
Chera                                             Difficulty: Low

·    EL PENYAGOLOSA: The valencian peak
Sant Joan de Penyagolosa        Difficulty: High

·    SIERRA DE ESPADÁN: El canyon of Ajuez
Chóvar                                          Difficulty: Medium- Low

·    LA CANAL DE NAVARRES: Four rivers route
Bicorp                                           Difficulty: Medium

·    RUTA VERDE: L’OMBRIA DE MARIOLA: At the shadow of the “cavas
Agres                                          Difficulty: Medium

·    EL PENYAL D’IFACH: The colossus mysterious
Calpe                                            Difficulty: Medium- High

·    EL VALLE DE LA MURTA: The Cardinal Cross
Alzira                                            Difficulty: Medium

·    LA CRESTA DEL BENICADELL: The natural border between Valencia & Alicante
La Vall d’Albaida                         Difficulty: High


– GROUPS: If you have a group of 10 people or more, we can arrange the tour from Monday to Sunday depending on your preferences. Contact us at +34 691 093 721 or at info@hortaviva.net.

– INDIVIDUALS: Sometimes we organize this tour for individuals, the best way to know when it is done is leave your e-mail on our mailing list, you will find how to do this at the contact area.