Sequer LoBlanch is a modern Horchatería just opened to the public in the drier of chufas that we visited on our tour about horchata.

Located in the middle of the huerta, with a great effort to be fully integrated into the environment (you have to watch carefully to find, no signs) and without having touched a meter of huerta, something we value highly.

But let the most important, we tested the horchata and is of excellent quality, which will find yourself is difficult, water, tigernuts in large quantity and sugar in perspective, with nothing to distract the taste of tigernut.

At the moment it is open from 17:00 and Saturdays also at night, although it will expand gradually.

When you feel like you can visit or with our renewed tour about horchata:

The Horchatería is in Camí Fondo, in Alboraya, which takes from Patacona from Ronda Est / Av. Aragon, is shown in the photo above link, and we leave this map: